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Blueberry Jam E-Liquid Concentrate.

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Capella Blueberry Jam Concentrate gives the beautifully soft and fruity taste of blueberries straight from the jam jar. This is easily one of the best jam flavour concentrates because the natural tartness of the blueberry flavour stops it from being too sweet. Capella Blueberry Jam Concentrate has a very authentic jammy taste, which is quite strong so you will need to use it sparingly at first- probably no more than 5%. The robust flavour of Capella Blueberry Jam Concentrate makes it good to use as a stand-alone, but this concentrate also adds a great depth to a multitude of bakery DIY recipes; pancakes, muffins, pies or delicious blueberry jam doughnuts.

Recommended Mixing Percentage: 5% – 10%

Recommended Steeping Time: 2 – 4 Weeks

Available in 10ml, 50ml, 100ml, 500ml and 1 Litre bottles.