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Galax-E-Juice Ltd Concentrate

Cantaloupe E-Liquid Concentrate.

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Perfumer’s Apprentice Cantaloupe Concentrate provides the fresh taste of sweet and juicy cantaloupe melons. The cantaloupe taste is quite strong, due to an authentically ripe and succulent flavour. Perfumer’s Apprentice Cantaloupe Concentrate is great on its own. Many users like to combine it with other melon concentrates, therefore creating a fuller flavour. Make a mouth-watering and summery fruit cocktail, maybe by mixing cantaloupe with papaya and mango. Perfumer’s Apprentice Cantaloupe Concentrate certainly makes a versatile and refreshing addition to any DIY mixing.

Recommended percentage: 10 – 15%

Recommended steep time: 1-5 days

Available in 10ml, 50ml, 100ml, 500ml and 1 Litre bottles.