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Galax-E-Juice Ltd Concentrate

Cucumber E-Liquid Concentrate.

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Capella Cucumber Concentrate has a soft and subtle flavour which is good on its own or as a versatile mixer when infused with other flavours. The mild and refreshing taste of cucumber will enhance many DIY recipes and works particularly well with gin, mint and menthol flavours to bring an invigorating freshness to your e-liquid for a perfect summertime vape. Try Capella Cucumber Concentrate infused with hints of soft fruit or berry flavours to create a beautifully subtle flavour; with such a versatile concentrate, you can’t really go wrong.

Recommended Mixing Percentage: 15%

Recommended Steeping Time: 1 Week

Available in 10ml, 50ml, 100ml, 500ml and 1 Litre bottles.