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Galax-E-Juice Ltd Concentrate

Grape Juice E-Liquid Concentrate.

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Perfumer’s Apprentice Grape Juice Concentrate gives the authentically bright and sweet flavour of delicious fresh grapes. On its own, this Perfumer’s Apprentice concentrate gives a light and refreshing summery vape with its beautiful aroma of luscious purple grapes and it tastes much more natural than many other grape flavours, which can often taste artificial and more like a grape soda. Perfumer’s Apprentice Grape Juice Concentrate blends beautifully with many other fruit or beverage flavours, where it will add more depth to apple, blackcurrant or fruit cocktail DIY recipes or just try simply mixing it with lemonade for a refreshing all day vape. Although most fruit flavours are good to go straight after mixing, we think that the grape flavour of this concentrate is best enjoyed after a few extra days’ steeping.

Recommended percentage: 5 – 10%

Recommended steep time: 1- 5 days

Available in 10ml, 50ml, 100ml, 500ml and 1 Litre bottles.